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SK-1800QH Cutting Plotter

Model SK-1800QH
Max.Material Width 1700mm
Max.Cutting Width 1600mm
Tool Hard-alloy knife,Water based fiber pen or ball pen
Max.Drawing Speed 1000mm/sec
Max.Cutting Speed 1000mm/sec
Knife Pressure 50-600g
Mechanical Resolution 0.0254mm/step
Reposition Accuracy ≤0.12mm
Memory Standard:512k ** 4M for option
Interface USB
Language Format DMPL,HPGL
Power 0.8A,198-240V
Driving System Stepper
Working Environment Temperature -10℃-35℃
Working Environment Humidity 20%-95% , No coagulate water
Display LED in Chinese or English
Gross Weight Stand Package:45kg, Machine Package:75kg
Packing Dimension

Stand Package:1090x410x1030mm
Machine Package:2190x510x520mm


Relevant accessories

Stream lined model,the shape looks luxury and outstanding,and it is a professional design with full care for the users.

3CPU Controller:Quality multiple CPU control offers faster and more stable processing.It is compatible with CorelDRAW,Artcut,Cut Master,FLEXISIGN,etc.

Carriage: Strong frame with linear bearing,it is with more cutting pressure which is adjustable easily,and it is good in heat dispersion.Unique knife-pen interchange technique,

Roller:high precision imported Roller,it has long working life and assures no offset feeding long distance.Multiple rollers are applied to feed different sizes of material,the Min.material width is as short as 16cm.

Intelligent Material Detector,it stops cutting automatically when the material is finished,which can protect the blade and save power.

Auto Feeding System:This system is especially helpful in cutting roll of long and heavy material.

USB:Online and or off-line communicating.

Frame:the machine frame is made of aviation aluminum profiles,which is strong and assures steady cutting especially during fast processing.

Pressure Bar:the pressure is adjustable so it is much easier to cut thicker material.

Extra strong material stand,support heavy and big roll of material.