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SKA AAS Cutting Plotter

Model SKA-720(H) SKA-850(H) SKA-1100(H) SKA-1350(H)
Max.Material Width 720mm 850mm 1100mm 1350mm
Max.Cutting Width 620mm 750mm 1000mm 1250mm
Speed Max speed: 800mm/s
Knife Pressure 10-600g
Memory Standard:512k ** 2M for option
Mechanical Resolution 0.0254mm/step
Repeating Precision 0.127mm
Interface USB,COM Port
Language Format DM/PL,HPGL
Power AC160V-240V,50-60HZ
Driving System Stepper
Working Environment Temperature 0-35℃
Working Environment Humidity 5%-95% , No coagulate water
Display LED in Chinese or English
Net/Gross Weight 20/28kg 25/35kg 35/45kg 45/55kg
Packing Dimension 1130x410x360mm 1270x410x360mm 1520x410x360mm 1780x410x360mm

SKA-720H , SKA-850H,SKA-1100H,SKA-1350H is with AAS feature;

SKA-720,SKA-850,SKA-1100,SKA-1350 does not has AAS feature.


Relevant accessories

AAS(Optional):Accurate Alignment System,operator may simply put the sensor close to the first mark and it will read all the marks all by itself,which is much faster and more convenient then the other systems which seem similar to our system.

Roller:high precision imported Roller,it has long working life and assures no offset feeding long distance.

Carriage: steel frame with linear bearing,it is with more cutting pressure which is adjustable easily,and it is good in heat dispersion.

Tool Carrier:unlike ordinary ones,our Carrier has 3 bearings inside which makes the tool turning more steady and flexible.

DSP:The DSP controller comes with fast processing speed and excellent stability. It is quite as driven by high subdivided constant electricity flow.Built-in Close compensation,Sharp Angle compensation and Coreldraw,CAD direct output.

USB:Available with both U flash disk and USB cable,meets users prefer either online or off-line communicating.

Frame:the machine frame is made of aviation aluminum profiles,which is strong and assures steady cutting especially during fast processing.

Pressure Bar:the pressure is adjustable so it is much easier to cut thicker material.

Guiding Device:to free users from troubles,we try our best to take care of every particular,for example the guiding device,it guides and protects the wire effectively.

Scale Plate:it is helpful to measure the material size easily.

Strip Sticker: it helps much to fix the strip tightly for long term use,our users are very happy for this little but useful device.