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MD-ATC Series Moving Gantry 3-axis CNC Router set a new level of CNC accuracy and machining performance. The combination of a highly rigid base, steel weldments and castings,high accuracy ball screw and linear guideways make the MD-ATC series an ideal choice for machining wood, MDF, plywood, plastic, honeycomb aluminum and solid surface materials.
The traveling gantry design provides easy machine access. The MD-ATC series set a new standard in cost effective, high speed CNC machining. The MD-ATC series utilizes an industry standard G-code for control functions that allows easy interfacing with all major CAD/CAM software and industry standard solid modeling software packages. World leading components make trouble free in long working life.

Model SK- 1325MD-ATC
Table Size 1440x2520mm
Working Size 1300x2500x160mm
Spindle Power 55.5kw Water Cooling ATC
Speed RPM 0-24000rpm
ATC Station Linear 8 Position
Tool Holder ISO 30, ER32
Tool Diameter Ø3.175,Ø4,Ø6,Ø8,Ø12
Driver Servo
Mechanical Structure Square Steel Pipe
Transmission Imported Ball Screw and Rack&Pinion
Guide Ways Imported Linear Guide Ways
Repositioning Accuracy <0.03mm/300mm
MAX.Engraving Speed 30000mm/min
Table Top Vaccum Phonolic
Vacuum Pump 7.5kw Air Cooling
File Transfer USB or Network
File Format G Code or HPGL
Power Supply AC220V 3Phase or 380V,50-60Hz
Net /Gross Weight 1000/1200kg

Relevant accessories

5.5KW Water Cooling Auto Tool Changer Spindle
Power 380V-5.5KW
Connection type: Collet ER32
Rated voltage: 380V
Rated speed: 24.000 rpm
Max speed: 24.000rpm
Rotation: Right

Linear ATC Station
8-position tool station in the rear of the machine. Easy loading and unloading of material from either side of the machine.

Performance Indicator-the product stands EMI/Electrical fast transient immunity/Surge immunity tests and conforms to the fourth grade protection standards of GB/T 17626.5-2008.
Resistance to vibration conforms to the GB/T 2423.10-2008 Standards.
Toolpath Program-*.g/*.nc/*.u??/*.demo/*.iso/*.eng/*.cut/*.dxf/*.plt/*.txt
Convenient Operations-Handwheel guide, Breakpoint resume, Tool selection

Leadshine Servo Motor & planetary Gearbox,the structure maximizes the torsional moment when motor power is rated,it is for high load and more smooth machining, it offers long-term maintenance-free solution.

X,Y axis are drived by rack&pinion which is featured as low noise,fast and strength transmission,accuracy and steady meshing.

Linear Guide- ways
.The trains of balls are designed to a contact angle of 45° which enables it to bear an equal load in radial, reversed radial and
lateral directions. Therefore, it can be applied in any installation direction. Furthermore, MSA series can achieve a well balanced
preload for increasing rigidity in four directions while keeping a low frictional resistance. This is especially suit to high precision
and high rigidity required motion.
.The patent design of lubrication route makes the lubricant evenly distribute in each circulation loop. Therefore, the optimum
lubrication can be achieved in any installation direction, and this promotes the performance in running accuracy, service life, and