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1325MD Auto feed material

Model FEHO 1325WAT-2Z-4S
Table size 1540×2640 mm
Max. feed height 210毫米
Working size 1300×2500×130mm
Max. process speed 12000 mm/min
Max unload speed 20000 mm/min
FormatFormat G code / HPGL
Weight 1200kg
Package size 2230x3860x1600mm

Multi spindle joint machining, tool can be changed automatically, save time, fast and high efficiency, is good for complicated tool path. Application industries include: furniture relief engraving, wood carving, furniture manufacturing, furniture decoration, wood decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden crafts, blister light box 3D mold production, aluminum plastic plate processing, large building model production etc.

Relevant accessories

The frame is welded with industrial steel tube, box-type structure with large bearing capacity. Using special instrument to eliminate welding stress, ensure high precision planer processing, no deformation, and accuracy is guaranteed. The fame with heavy self-weight, can ensure no shaking and stable under high-speed operation. Professional team of mechanical structure design, structure science, generous appearance.

Air cooled spindle: independent z-axis, 4 cylinders linkage, spindle automatically switch according to the program. High precision screw precise tool setting. Standard 5.5 kw air-cooled spindle, available with 3.175 mm,4 mm,6 mm, mm and 12.7 mm diameter bit, good at processing solid wood, density board, acrylic board, aluminum board and other plastic board. According to your needs, we have different power spindle for options.

Weihong control system: using Weihong online control system, human-machine interface friendly, easy to learn and use. Large capacity, fast transfer of complex files, good stability of the system, high precision of motion control, and breakpoint protection function when power off.

Pneumatic roller: in order to fix the material better and avoid material movement during cutting, we have equipped with pneumatic roller auxiliary fixing system, which synchronously moves with the spindle, cylinder drive with large torque, avoid the trouble and danger of manual fixing.

Stepper motor: high power stepper subdivision motor, high speed and strong power. Equipped with industrial grade high elastic reducer, large torque, good impact resistance. Y axis adopts dual motor synchronous drive, high power, high speed, long - term maintenance – free.

Electric control cabinet: equipped with universal wheel brake, double door, easy to move and control. Cabinet integrated with the main electrical components. Science wiring, clear marked, easy maintain and upgrade.

Rack: we adopt high-precision rack drive structure, professional technicians use professional precision instruments to install and debug according to the standard process, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

Linear guide rail: imported precision linear guide rail, double slider load bearing, with high precision, large allowable load, all directions with high rigidity, simple lubrication structure, automatic centering ability and other advantages.

Aluminum table: we use high quality reinforced aluminum table, users can according to the needs of horizontal or vertical laying.

Central lubrication system: with this, you can quickly lubricate all the sliders with a single press.

Balance pad: this configuration facilitates the accurate and rapid adjustment of the balance degree when the machine is placed.

Automatic tool setting instrument: high precision, high speed, improve the processing efficiency obviously.

Dustproof cover: the door structure is easy to change the knife and other operations, high density brush, good toughness is good for thorough cleaning, dust absorption.

Photoelectric switch: we use advanced photoelectric sensor to replace the traditional mechanical limit switch, photoelectric switch has the advantages of non-contact, sensitive response, more stable and durable.

Vacuum platform: multi-zone, with single or multiple high-power air-cooled or water-cooled vacuum pumps, suitable for multi-size plates. We can customize adsorption solutions according to customer requirements, The vacuum table can with T slot, which is more practical.

Servo motor: Panasonic dc motor, more stable operation, higher speed and accuracy, stable and reliable, maintenance-free. Domestic servo motor is optional, good price, and stable.

Atomizer: used for cooling and lubrication, can effectively protect the cutter and improve the workpiece processing surface finish.

3D scanner: mainly used for batch replication of 3D complex work pieces, such as furniture structure parts, table and chair legs, armrest, relief panel, shoe mold, sculpture, crafts, toys, jewelry, etc. It has the characteristics of powerful function, easy to learn and durable.