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N9-2513ATC,a heavy duty machine bed with excellent precision utilizing moving table,Hiteco ATC Spindle motor,Rotary ATC station,large servo motor,rack&pinion ,user-friendly CNC available with both Ethernet and USB flash drive(s).The combination make it an ideal choice for machining acrylic,aluminium and other non-ferrous metal, wood, MDF, plywood, plastic, honeycomb.
The N9-2513ATC series utilizes an industry standard G-code for control functions that allows easy interfacing with all major CAD/CAM software and industry standard solid modeling software packages.

Model N9-2513ATC
Table Size 1300×2500mm
Working Size 1300×2500×200mm
Max.Material Height 200mm
Spindle Motor Hiteco 9.5 KW
Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm
ATC Station 8 Position Rotray
Tool Holder ISO 30 ,ER32
Tool Diameter Ø3.175,Ø4,Ø6,Ø8,Ø12.7
Drive Motor Yaskawa
CNC Syntec 6MB
Mechanical Structure Square Steel Pipe
Transmission WMH Herion Rack&pinion on X,Y; TBI Ball Screw on Z
Guide-ways PMI
Mechanical Precision <0.03mm/300mm
Fast Speed 45000mm/min
Table Top Vacuum
Vacuum Pump Air cooling 7.5KW
File Transfer USB ,ethernet
File Formate HPGL,G Code
Psi/Cfm 90psi/16cfm
Power Supply 380v 50-60hz
Net/Gross Weight 2000/2500kg
Machine Size 3450x2180x2100mm


Product Features

Hiteco ATC Spindle
380v -9.5kw -24000rpm,with full ceramic bearings made in Germany

Syntec CNC
Industrial controller with MPG for high accuracy positioning. The controller is capable of USB flash drives and is very easy for users to do wiring and can save a lot of time. It supports 4 servo axes + 1 spindle, simultaneously interpolated axes can be 4 axes,it has power failure protection function.

Servo Motor and Gearbox
Large DC Servo motor & direct drive SHIMPO planetary Gearbox,the structure maximizes the torsional moment when motor power is rated,it is for high load and more smooth machining, it offers long-term maintenance-free solution.

WMH herion helical Gear from Germany is featured as much lower noise and more steady meshing.

PMI Linear Guideways:The trains of balls are designed to a contact angle of 45° which enables it to bear an equal load in radial, reversed radial and lateral directions. Therefore, it can be applied in any installation direction. Furthermore, MSA series can achieve a well balanced preload for increasing rigidity in four directions while keeping a low frictional resistance. This is especially suit to high precision and high rigidity required motion.

Central Lubricator:The compact pump unit for centralized lubrication system is designed specially to supply lubricant from a central source to the points on a machine at which friction occurs. It delivers a controlled amount of either grease or oil to multiple/specific locations on a machine while the machine is operating. This automated unit essentially comprises of a drive motor, a pump & lubricant reservoir, electronic controller, supply fittings, level switch, pressure gauge and numerous feed lines. Bearing wear and tear is reduced with minimal maintenance, and often, some of the friction-generated heat is dissipated with the help of the lubricant.

It sends oil mist to tool and working piece for tool cooling,lubricating and it helps to make finished cutting.

Machine Frame
It is made of quality steel tube, heat treated and being machined by gantry milling machine for excellent accuracy and steady machining.