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Model N3-1325
Table Size 1440x2630mm
Working Size 1300x2500x200mm
Max.Material Height 250mm
Spindle Power Water Cooling 3.0kw
Speed RPM 0-24000rpm
Driver Stepper Subdivided
Tool Diameter Ø3.175,Ø4,Ø6,Ø12.7
Mechanical Structure Square Steel Pipe
Transmission Ball Screw for Z ; Pully and Rack&Pinion for X,Y
Guide Ways Chinese Linear Guide Ways
Repositioning Accuracy <0.03mm/300mm
MAX.Engraving Speed 20000mm/min
File Transfer USB
File Format G Code or HPGL
Power Supply AC220V or 380V,50-60Hz
External Form Size 2200x3060x1650mm
Packing Size 2280x3210x1800mm
Net/Gross Weight 500/700kg
Optional Models N3-1313, N3-1318, N3-1325,N3-1530, N3-2040

Relevant accessories

Industrial steel pipe frame,with stable moving,low noise and high precision

NC Studio Nk-105G3 hand held CNC

Water Cooling Spindle
Power :3KW
Connection type: Collet ER25
Rated voltage: 220V or 380V
Rated speed: 24000 rpm
Max speed: 24000rpm
Rotation: Right

Subdivided stepper motor with outstanding wearability and resistance to powerful and fast machining,it offers long-term maintenance-free solution. Planetary Gearbox used to maximize the torsional moment when motor power is rated,it is for high load and more smooth machining.

Gear & Rack for X,Y axis

Taiwan Linear Square Guide: 20MM linear square guide with double bearings,an ultra-heavy type that achieves a deep grooved raceway with its diameter more approximate to the ball diameter and has high rigidity, vibration and shock resistance, and damping characteristics, which are required for machine tools.

Vacuum table: The vacuum table multi-zoned which allows the operator to easily switch from full sheet processing to smaller part,gaskets can also be routed to accommodate various material sizes and styles.Fixtures can also be used if needed as we put aluminum alloys beside the vacuum table.

Dust Collector