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Model N9-2513ATC
Table size 1300×2500mm
Working size 1300x2500x200mm
Max.material height 200mm
Spindle power Air cooling ATC HSD 9kw
Spindle RPM 0-24000rpm
Tool diamante ISO30 ,ER32
Tool holder Rotary 8 pcs
Driver motor Japanese Yaskawa servo motor
Tool diameter Ø3.175,Ø4,Ø6,Ø8,Ø12.7
Transmission Germany WMH gear rack fro X.Y,TBI ball screw for Z
Control system Taiwan Syntec
Mechanical structure Industrial square steel pipe
Guider rail Import linear rails
Repeat accuracy <0.03mm/300mm
Max.travelling speed 60000mm/min
File transfer USB
File format HPGL or Standard G code
Psi/Cfm 90psi/16cfm
Table top Multi area Vacuum table
Vacuum pump Air cooling or water cooling 7.5kw 380v or 220V,3Phase
N.W./G.W. 2000/2500kg
Package 3450x2180x2100mm

Relevant accessories

Hiteco ATC spindle
All made of German-made ceramic bearings,380v -9.5kw -24000rpm

Taiwan Syntec industrial grade CNC system
Taiwan Syntec industrial grade CNC system, high-precision positioning function with handwheel; support for hot swapping of U disk, convenient and fast; support for 4-axis servo linkage plus one spindle, with power-off protection.

Servo motor & reducer
Japanese Yaskawa AC Servo driver motor ,the motor and the reducer are directly connected to each other to maximize the torque when the motor power is constant. Equipped with the original Yaskawa driver, the whole mechanism runs more smoothly, with higher speed and precision, stable and reliable, and maintenance-free.

Helical drive
We use German imported high-precision helical rack and pinion gear structure for higher precision, smoother operation and less noise.

PMI linear guider
Taiwan PMI linear guide rail, double slider load-bearing, with high precision, large allowable load, high rigidity in all directions, simple lubrication structure, automatic self-aligning ability.

Automatic lubrication system
Automatically fill the rails, screw balls and other parts on time according to the quantity, which is economical, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.

Mist device
It is used for cooling and lubrication, which can effectively protect the tool and improve the surface finish of the workpiece.

Machine body: The fuselage is welded by industrial steel pipe. After annealing process to eliminate mechanical internal stress, the gantry machining center will flatten each mounting surface to ensure good installation accuracy.